It all started when…

A nerdy little kid in central Louisiana became obsessed with the art of filmmaking. He would carry this obsession through his studies for a degree in chemical engineering and further into his young adulthood.

Jankis Media is an initiative to display the film-related work and writing of myself, Chad Hill. I've had a lifelong passion for the movies that began with my first trip to the movies at the age of 3 and further developed into a genuine love of the form and purpose of the art of filmmaking. Here you will find the various writings on films both new and old as I further explore the possibilities of the medium. My hope is that these pieces would be found insightful and engaging to the reader.

As an aspiring filmmaker, you will also find a showcase of various short films that I have either created or been involved with the creation thereof. Please bear with me as I refine my skills in this area. 

Enjoy, and happy viewing.